Code for common centroid placement of capacitors

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Common centroid method of placement unit capacitors is used to mitigate mismatch issues.
For example I have to implement a capacitor ratio given by the fraction " (c1/c2)=12/20". (C1 comprises of 12 instances of the unit capacitor and c2 comprises of 20 units of unit capacitor.) Suppose I represent all the instances corresponding to C1 by " 1" and all the instances corresponding to C2 by " 0".
Can sombody give me a matlab code to generate the matrix of consisting of atleast tweleve 1s and twenty 0s so that the distribution/placement/location of 1s and 0s have the same centroid. The matrix can have necessary number of dummy/extra 1s and 0s. The matrix need not be a square matrix.

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