Why am I unable to complete installation of MATLAB R2016b when installing from the 2 ISO images I downloaded?

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I have downloaded and mounted both of the ISO images required to install MATLAB R2016b on an offline machine. During installation, I receive the following message:
Eject DVD 1 and insert DVD 2 to continue
How can I proceed with installation?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 12 Dec 2018
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 12 Dec 2018
This error will occur if the mounted ISO for DVD2 cannot be found at the mount point that MATLAB is searching for it.
To resolve this error, un-mount all MATLAB ISOs you currently have mounted on your computer through your mounting utility of choice, then mount *only *the DVD2 ISO. (Do not close out of the MATLAB installer while un-mounting/mounting your ISOs.) You should now be able to proceed with the MATLAB installer.
Additionally, if you are unable to mount the other disk you can alternatively create a single installation package to install MATLAB. Please refer to the article below on this process:
How can I obtain a single installation package for MATLAB with the ISOs (Merge the ISO Images)?
vincent caillet
vincent caillet on 10 Aug 2018
The letter of the mounted drive should be the same as the first ISO.
  1. Mount of the first iso and assign it a letter. Let's say V:
  2. Launch the matlab Install.
  3. When at the warning, unmount the first iso. Remember, this was mounted onto the V: !
  4. Mount the second iso to V: only.
  5. Click OK in the installer - now it is reading the second DVH.

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hopei helpedu
hopei helpedu on 16 Oct 2016
U should see 2 new disc while u re installing setup since u have 2 iso file. When u get that warning, eject the disk1 by right click&eject option; then go (device manager)/storage/(disk management) and then find your 2nd iso file disc, right click on it and select "change drive letter and paths" option, finally change your drive letter to one early belong to your disc 1. Now you can continue to installation. Sorry if the description is a bit messy :) (eg. While u re installing u ll see disc1:F & disc2:G; eject ur :F disc and change label of disc2 G to F)

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Muhammad Awais Manzoor
Muhammad Awais Manzoor on 11 Feb 2018
After downloading iso formats of both cd. cd1(around 7 GB) and cd2(arounf 2.5 GB), do the following steps: 1). Unmount CD1 and install that.
2). then it would ask you to eject cd1 and insert CD2 at this point you have to open My Computer and from there you have to eject CD1 by right clicking on it.(but rememeber the drive name)
3). Now unmount CD2(but be careful because the drive name for CD2 must match the drive name of CD1).
4). Now press OK on the pop up which was asking for inserting CD2.
Done. Now it should be installed.
That worked for me and i hope that would work for everyone.

Shawn Li
Shawn Li on 14 May 2018
Edited: Shawn Li on 14 May 2018
Simplest way that I used:
1. extract dvd1.iso to folder "A", and install, then you will find the popup saying need DVD2
2. extract dvd2.iso, and change the folder name to "A", then continue.
All done.
P.S. reason that why above works, is because no matter using mount or folder, Linux system is looking for "folder" in system to operate. dvd2 content with same folder name is what Matlab installer looking for.

Dave LI
Dave LI on 10 Jun 2018
I made the same mistake second time. Again, I loaded dvd2 after dismounting dvd1, without knowing the DRIVE Letter of dvd1. Due to the smartness of the great Windows system, dvd2 was assigned another DRIVE letter, making the Matlab installation impossible.
Tip: 1) load DVD2 ; 2) go to the DISK Management tool of your Windows; 3) rename the Drive Letter, D 4) try Matlab installation again, if it fails again, rename Drive Letter to E, 5) finally you will be lucky enough to find the right one.
This allows you continue, otherwise you need to CANCEL the installation and Try again.

mitul patel
mitul patel on 8 Jan 2019
after pop up of message to insert dvd 2 just rename the dvd2. iso to dvd1.iso and rename dvd1.iso to anything like dvd21.iso
click ok on dvd2 pop up message.

Yunhan Zhang
Yunhan Zhang on 12 Mar 2019
The third time...I finally make it clear!!!!
Unmount dvd1 and dvd2, for example, to folder 1 and folder 2.
When that message alerts, copy all files in folder 2 to folder 1, then click the button and continue. Done.


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