How to fill a 3D plot?

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Stephan on 18 Dec 2016
Commented: Stephan on 19 Dec 2016
Hello everyone,
I have the following code showing a square. What I have to do to get it filled?
Many thanks!
X = [0,0,1,1; 1,0,1,1; 1,0,1,1; 1,0,1,0];
Y = [0,0,0,1; 0,1,1,1; 0,1,1,1; 0,1,1,1];
Z = [1,1,1,1; 1,1,1,1; 1,1,1,1; 1,1,1,1];

Accepted Answer

John BG
John BG on 19 Dec 2016
Edited: John BG on 19 Dec 2016
your code is confusing because your are not defining 1 square, you are defining 4 squares
it is already filled, let me explain:
when you generate a surface with commands like fill3 patch surf surface
all you have to do is to collect the handle, for instance
4x1 Patch array:
as you can see, with your current X Y Z you have 4 overlapped patches.
When attempting to change parameters like transparency and face colour, it can get confusing, so let's simplify
X = [0,1,1,0];
Y = [0,0,1,1];
Z = [1,1,1,1];
h2=fill3(X,Y,Z,[0 0 1])
note that the order of introduction of points matters, if you jump to an opposite vertex the square will look like a bow tie.
To change color and transparency all you have to write in example:
h2.FaceColor=[1 0 0]
if you find these lines useful would you please mark my answer as Accepted Answer?
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thanks in advance for time and attention
John BG
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Stephan on 19 Dec 2016
Many thanks for this good explanation!

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michio on 19 Dec 2016
Edited: michio on 19 Dec 2016
I am not sure what you want but if you simply want to create a filled square
X = [0; 1; 1; 0];
Y = [0; 0; 1; 1];
Z = [1; 1; 1; 1];
C=[0; 0.25; 0.50; 0.75];
C needs to be a vector or matrix of indices into the current colormap.



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