get path to all files in a folder of images

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how do i get the path to my image in a folder ?
% Directory
directory = 'C:\Datasets\nyu\train\';
% Filenames
image_rgb_filenames = dir(strcat(directory,'image_02\','*.jpg'));
image_depth_filenames = dir(strcat(directory,'depth\','*.png'));
Because image_rgb_filenames(1).name returns me the name of the file, not the path to it with the name of the file.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Jan 2017
% Directory
directory = 'C:\Datasets\nyu\train\';
img_dir = fullfile(directory, 'image_02');
depth_dir = fullfile(directory, 'depth');
image_rgb_info = dir( fullfile(img_dir, '*.jpg'));
image_rgb_filenames = fullfile(img_dir, {} );
image_depth_info = dir( fullfile(depth_dir, '*.png'));
image_depth_filenames = fullfile(depth_dir, {} );

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