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Vasishta Kanthi
Vasishta Kanthi on 26 Jan 2017
Answered: Sruthi Geetha on 30 Jan 2017
I am getting this error while working on MATLAB. The error is as follows:
"Problem finding map file using, matlab_mlint_csh). Exception: null"
Can you explain the meaning of this problem, and how it can be solved?
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Adam on 26 Jan 2017
You haven't given any details as to what you were doing in Matlab.

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Accepted Answer

Sruthi Geetha
Sruthi Geetha on 30 Jan 2017
This error may be caused by corrupted MATLAB preferences.
To regenerate your MATLAB preferences, do the following:
1. Locate the MATLAB preferences directory for your user account.
You can also run the following command in the MATLAB command prompt in order to locate your preferences directory:
>> prefdir
This is where your "matlab.prf" file is located. Your path may be different depending on how your system is setup. The preference directory may be hidden in some operating systems.
2. Make sure that MATLAB is closed and rename the preferences directory of your current MATLAB version, for instance rename R2016b to R2016b_old. Then create an empty folder with the original name, in this case R2016b. Creating this empty folder will prevent MATLAB from importing a preference directory from a previous release.
3. Restart MATLAB. MATLAB will recreate preferences files in the empty preferences directory that was created in step 2.
If this does not address the issue that you hoped it would, it is possible to restore your preferences by deleting the newly created directory (R2016b) and renaming the R206b_old directory back to its original name: R2016b.
If the error is occurring after multiple executions of a loop, then there is a possibility that a file is being opened in the loop but not being closed (possibly within a MATLAB routine rather than your code.) If you do not have any of your own files open at that point, try adding
close('all') right after whatever call is resulting in the above error being printed out.

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