How to limit angle rotation of revolute jointe using Angle constraint

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Hi, I have trouble applying angle rotation range of revolute joint using multibody SimMechanics Toolbox.I want to limit joint rotation angle,i have found angle constraints block but i didn't know how should i connect exactly? I have try in diffrent position but i didn't arrived to the have the desired angle rotation.
Thank you.

Answers (1)

Nicolas Schmit
Nicolas Schmit on 11 Sep 2017
The angle constraint imposes a constant angle between two reference frames. Its purpose is not to limit the rotation range.
You can limit the rotation range by connecting a rotational hard-stop to the revolute joint. Have a look at the model "Joint Limits and Friction Methods in a Hinge" in the Simscape Multibody Multiphysics Library to see how to connect the interfance Simscape Multibody with the foundation domains.

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