converting .m file to .mat

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Does anyone knows how to convert .m file to .mat file. Please find my attached file below!
Thanks for your time!
Prabhakaran thirugnanam
Prabhakaran thirugnanam on 19 Feb 2021
save('GDF_Lacq_bottomhole_pressure.mat') might save the mat file along with other variables which are available at the place where the line is placed. So it's better to create a simple function as below.
NOTE: M_File_Path and Mat_File_Path should be the whole path.(i.e. 'C:/users/......./xxx.m')
function Create_Mat_Out_Of_M_File(M_File_Path,Mat_File_Path)
clear M_File_Path;

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 6 Mar 2017
Edited: Jan on 6 Mar 2017
There is no need to include the variables in square brackets. Replace:
[d] = struct();
d = struct();
an so on.
These line will write something to the commabnd window (square brackets removed already):
CRS = 'n/a'%['EPSG:' num2str(input('[CRS] EPSG code (just number) = '))];
TimeZone = 'UTC' %input('TimeZone (char) = ');
Description = 'Lacq field: bottomhole pressure' %input('Description of data (char) = ');
If this is not wanted, insert semicolons:
CRS = 'n/a'; %['EPSG:' num2str(input('[CRS] EPSG code (just number) = '))];
... etc.
Then running your code creates the MAT file in the current folder. Perhaps you should set this accordingly by:
% Or
% cd('C:\myData\Folder\');
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davit petraasya
davit petraasya on 7 Mar 2017
Thanks Simon,for the full explanation! It is helpful

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