Robotics System Toolbox custom message stops working R2016b

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Alexander on 26 May 2017
Commented: Alexander on 8 Aug 2017
After following all instructions downloading the plug in and creating custom messages from package I was able to succesfully use ROS custom messages - until I tried running the exact same code a few weeks later "Cannot find a MATLAB message class for type pkg/custom". Running the
command again doesn't even work: Undefined function or variable 'rosgenmsg'. It's as if the plugin is gone. This has happened twice already and the only solution is to re-download the plugin and redo the custom message from package. Any help in figuring out why this keeps happening would be appreciated.

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Archita P
Archita P on 31 May 2017
It might be the case that the package name in the package.xml file does not match the folder name.
Unfortunately, the code makes the assumption that the two always match and that causes the behavior you are seeing. Try renaming the folder so that the two names match.
Also, you can try to install the following add-on,
>> roboticsAddons
Then select the 'ROS Custom Messages' add on to install.
The default folder for this add-on is the following -
Add this to the MATLAB path -
Restart MATLAB and see if it works.
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Alexander on 8 Aug 2017
adding and saving the path 'C:\ProgramData\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2016b\toolbox\robotics\supportpackages\roscustommsg\' worked. thanks

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