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FormatSpec for mixed entry of Input

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Nidhi SRIVASTAVA on 29 Jun 2017
Answered: dpb on 29 Jun 2017
I am using textscan to read a file. The data of file is something like:
ASC2007252381128.0000.T88.ch04.sac E
ASC2007252381128.0000.T90.ch04.sac A
and so on.
I am having problems in defining formatspec to be used in textscan. I tried reading it by using fileread which converts it into a string array of single cell. I wish to obtain just the string before a blank i.e,
and so on. Can anybody please help me with the problem? Thanks

Accepted Answer

dpb on 29 Jun 2017
>> s='ASC2007252381128.0000.T88.ch04.sac E'; % sample input record
>> fmt='%s %*s'; % read a string, skip a string
>> textscan(s,'%s %*s') % read it..
ans =
{1x1 cell}
>> ans{:}
ans =

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