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if-else statement with several "or" conditions/ comparisons

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So I'm writing an if-else statement, which includes an "or" condition. I wanted to write a statement that gives me the option of checking not only two variables with "or", but a whole array of variables/numbers [a, b, c, d, e...]
if x == a | b --> multiple variables without a ton of code
Sample of my code:
for x = 1:50
Cf(x).yB1 = rand();
if x == a| x == b
Cof(x).fB20 = 0;
Cof(x).fB10 = -2*pi;
Cf(x).B10 = -(2*pi/5) * (rand());
Cf(x).B20 = (2*pi/20) * (rand());
Cf(x).B0 = (rand()) - 0.0003 * x^2;
I'm not entirely sure if what I'm asking is feasible, and if not, does anyone have any other ideas on how I can accomplish this?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Jul 2017
if ismember(x, [a, b, c, ...])
dpb on 10 Jul 2017
And if will put the various variables into an array that'll reduce code even more and probably help elsewhere besides just here.

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