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Word seems to default to paragraphs taking up two spaces. I wan it to make a MATLAB code that will generate a report, but when I use the command selection.TypeParagraph it does a double space, as is the default. I cannot seem to find a way of changing this so that there is no spacing. I'm new to activex. The basic idea of the code is below. Any help much appreciated! (Using 2016a, windows) I want it to output
Text here:
Second line of text:
But currently it is outputting as...
Text here:
Second line of text:
word = actxserver('Word.Application'); word.Visible = 1; document = word.Documents.Add; selection=word.Selection;
selection.TypeText('Text here:'); selection.TypeParagraph selection.TypeText('Second line of text:');

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Sangeetha Jayaprakash
Sangeetha Jayaprakash on 25 Jul 2017
Try changing the spacing between paragraphs by changing the "LineUnitAfter" property as follows:
selection.Paragraphs.LineUnitAfter = 0.01
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James Boyle
James Boyle on 25 Jul 2017
Thanks for the answer. I did already try this actually and it is a useful feature, but it doesn't reduce the spacing completely. However, if I set it so that the default is no line spacing, I can then use this if I require larger spacing, so I think it ultimately does solve my problem.

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