Change font value of uitable headings in GUI

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James Boyle
James Boyle on 2 Aug 2017
Commented: James Boyle on 2 Aug 2017
I've added an image to highlight what I mean. I can change the font easily for the values in my table by using xtable.FontSize = 6; but the titles in the left hand column always stay the same size. This is a problem because when I run the GUI on a machine with a smaller screen size, the left hand column takes up the entirety of the table width. Changing ColumnWidth does not help either. Is there a way of doing this, even if it is a complicated work around? Thanks. (Windows 10, R2016a)

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ES on 2 Aug 2017
You should use HTML tags.
ColumnNames = { ....
'<html><center /><font face="verdana" size=3>Column Heading 1</font></html>', ...
'<html><center /><font face="verdana" size=3>Column Heading 2</font></html>', ...
set(hObject, 'ColumnName',ColumnNames);
set(hObject, 'ColumnWidth',ColumnWidth);
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James Boyle
James Boyle on 2 Aug 2017
Thanks, this is really good, however when I apply it to a Row, it for some reason makes the row take up the entire length of the table! Any ideas how to restrict its length? Thanks!

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