LogLikelihood for Gaussian Process regression (function: `fitgpr`) for given set of hyperparameter

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I am interested in calculating LogLikelihood using Gaussian Process for given hyperparameters and noise parameter i.e. without optimizing for parameters.
In the following example; [3.5, 6.2, 0.2] are provided as parameters and since 'FitMethod' is 'none' fitgpr will not optimize for parameters
sigma0 = 0.2;
kparams0 = [3.5, 6.2];
gprMdl2 = fitrgp(x,y,'KernelFunction','squaredexponential',...
'FitMethod','none', 'KernelParameters',kparams0,'Sigma',sigma0);
ypred2 = resubPredict(gprMdl2);
but variable gprMdl2.LofLikelihood = [ ], I am interested in LogLikelihood precisely for parameters [3.5, 6.2, 0.2] not for optimized ones.
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Gautam Pendse
Gautam Pendse on 6 Feb 2018
Hi Pankaj,
Loglikelihood is not calculated for 'FitMethod','none'. As a temporary workaround, there is an undocumented internal feature that does this calculation:
Hope this helps,

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