in gui design i have text gui component . i have write 1000 value (1,2,3,...1000)in between i have stop by program by close button than i got error text object not destroy how to remove this error

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value of c continue set in between i am close than error occure.
i have enclosed error msg.

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Guillaume on 21 Sep 2017
I don't understand what you're saying in the title of your question but the error message is very clear: you're trying to set the string property of your text6 control but that control does not exist anymore. Probably because you've closed the figure containing it.
Guillaume on 21 Sep 2017
Again I don't understand what you're asking. You need to explain better what it is you want.
All the controls on a figure are deleted when it is closed. There is no point in deleting them yourself beforehand, if that's what you're asking.

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