Runtime update of waypoints/path in drivingScenario

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I want to input " waypoints " directly in runtime to the " drivingScenario " function of Automated Driving System Toolbox.
When I simulate, it runs once for the first pre-defined waypoint and then it says "The simulation is not running. Call restartSimulation to start over."
I used a while loop but it makes several figure plots in different new windows which is annoying and I don't think it would actually work that way.
So how to get input in runtime to move the vehicle/actor?

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Greg Dionne
Greg Dionne on 14 Nov 2017
If you want to control the position/orientation of any specific actor you can set its properties yourself instead of defining a path. If you want to see the changes take effect immediately you can call updatePlots() on the scenario. Otherwise, the changes will render in the plots on the next call to the advance() method.
Haroon on 17 Nov 2017
Thanks I will look for it and if I got stuck in some big problem again I will probably let you know here. Thank you for the help :)

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