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Problem passing from single symbolic differential equation to multiple: Error using Mupadengine/feval - Error in dsolve>mupadDsolve - Error in dsolve

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Hello, I can't understand the solution of multiple equations. Now I've got indipendent equations, then the program should solve them separately (it works) and together(it doesn't!), shouldn't it? I'm writing the code, can anyone help?
This is the part of code in common with both procedures
if true
creating symbolic functions
syms v(z) w(z)
syms B Chiterm p mx by l A Eterm p bz
D1v = diff(v,z);
D2v = diff(v,z,2);
D3v = diff(v,z,3);
D4v = diff(v,z,4);
D1w = diff(w,z);
D2w = diff(w,z,2);
setting datas
defining differential equations
odetrasv = diff(B*(diff(v,z,2)+Chiterm),z,2)-mx-by == 0;
odelong = diff(A*(diff(w,z)-Eterm),z)+bz == 0;
defining initial conditions
cond1 = B*D2v(l) == 0;
cond2 = D1v(0) == 0;
cond3 = v(0) == 0;
cond4 = v(l) == 0;
cond5 = D1w(l) == 0;
cond6 = w(0) == 0;
here is the part of the code that solves equations separately:
if true
condstrasv = [cond1 cond2 cond3 cond4];
condslong = [cond5 cond6];
vSol(z) = dsolve(odetrasv, condstrasv);
wSol(z) = dsolve(odelong, condslong);
vSol = simplify(vSol)
wSol = simplify(wSol)
and here's the part not working: i'm trying to solve them togheter, since the next step is solving a system of multiple equations
if true
odes = [odetrasv; odelong];
conds = [cond1; cond2; cond3; cond4; cond5; cond6];
[vSol(z), wSol(z)] = dsolve(odes,conds)
Matlab says:
  • Error using Mupadengine/feval - Invalid initial conditions
  • Error in dsolve>mupadDsolve - T=feval(symengine,'symobj::dsolve',sys....
  • Error in dsolve - sol = mupadDsolve(args, options);
Why initial conditions would be invalid in this second procedure? Solving without them would work:
if true
[vSol(z), wSol(z)] = dsolve(odes)
many thanks

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