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Deploytool, which folder to distribute?

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John on 2 Feb 2018
Edited: Greg on 4 Feb 2018
After packaging, a few folders produced. Which is the right folder to distribute, assuming the user doesn't have Matlab installed on their computer. Deploytool was set to download the runtime lib. I guess it's the "for_distribution" but it has only one file in it.

Accepted Answer

Greg on 4 Feb 2018
Edited: Greg on 4 Feb 2018
The for_redistribution folder bundles your application with a web-downloading runtime installer. After running MyAppInstaller_web.exe, your user will have get_scan_info.exe in the installation folder.
The for_redistribution_files_only folder contains only the minimum files necessary to run the application: get_scan_info.exe. This works if you know your user has the MATLAB runtime installed already.

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