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Rica on 23 Mar 2018
Edited: Rica on 23 Mar 2018
Hi all, i do some measurement sequentially.
and so on. the number of measurement is large
to save the structure after doing the measurement i use:
but it seems that it does not work properly. Could you help? Thank you

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Stephen23 on 23 Mar 2018
Edited: Stephen23 on 23 Mar 2018
"but it seems that it does not work properly"
It does exactly what the save documentation states for that option: "If a variable already exists in a MAT-file, then save overwrites it with the value in the workspace." The problem is not that the option does not work, the problem is that the option is very badly named and some users do not read the documentation. It should be called "replace", or "overwrite", or something similar.
To append new data to the end of a variable in a .mat file you will have to load the variable, append the new data, and then save the variable again. Or use matfile.
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Rica on 23 Mar 2018
Than you. I solve it with matfile:
m = matfile(filename,'Writable',true);
m.Meas = [m.Meas,Meas];

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