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Mapped motor operation torque output

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Florian BESNARD on 4 May 2018
Edited: Hiroshi Miyagawa on 14 Feb 2023
Hello, I don't understand how the mapped motor bloc work. I use it in torque cotrol mode as follow:
But when I asked for example 100N.m of torque, the result output is so low...
[I know that driving cycle gives a speed and the torque commande should be in N.m but I don't think this is the problem] I put a constant battery voltage of 100V to facilitate the simulation.
If anyone understand what's wrong,

Answers (2)

Sabin on 3 Feb 2023
The Rotor Inertia is probably too small and not realistic for the use case you have. If the inertia is too small (the default is 5e-6), then the speed will increase to high values very quickly and the torque will be limited to some small values to satisfy the maximum power. Try increasing the value of Rotor Inertia in the Mechanical tab. I hope this helps.

Hiroshi Miyagawa
Hiroshi Miyagawa on 14 Feb 2023
Edited: Hiroshi Miyagawa on 14 Feb 2023
Below is an example model using the mapped motor block.
The torque output by this block is based on maximum power. Therefore, the higher the speed of the motor, the lower its torque. Therefore, this block needs to refer to the appropriate motor speed, so it would be better to model it as shown above.
Set 'Port configuration' to 'Speed' to input the motor speed in the motor block.
then you can obtain the following result.
added the example model created on R2021a.
hope this model helps you.


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