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Multiple Views of Data

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Jonathan on 25 Mar 2011
I would like to plot multiple sets of data via the patch function, then have two different views display in two different windows so that updating the data once will update the distinct views.
  • There are too many objects for me to duplicate data in a second window.
  • I would like the technique to be extendable to n views in n windows.
  • linkprop gets the job done, but does not scale as desired (both in space and time).
More Detail: The reason linkprop is undesirable is the following. To get the same graphics in a second window, I have to construct the same hierarchy of objects, then link the objects in the two windows on a per object basis. I would like to avoid this altogether. Still, I have a fallback position with linkprop.
Summary: I would like multiple views of the same graphics data with an implementation that is more efficient than linkprop (both in time and space).
Thanks in advance,

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Mar 2011
There was a thread a few weeks ago in the discussion group that involved callbacks being generated when children were changed. I do not happen to find that discussion right now, but I am pretty sure it was Yair Altman who posted the solution. The solution was probably along similar lines to a discussion a few months ago, here


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