Passing extra arguments to `nlinfit` function

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I am in interested in passing extra arguments to nlinfit function in Matlab
beta = nlinfit(X,Y,modelfun,beta0)
and let the modelfun is
function y = modelfun(beta, c, X)
y = beta(1)*x.^(beta2) + c;
My interest is to estimate beta and also to provide c externally. X and Y have their obvious meanings.
Can it be done?

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 19 Jul 2018
Your function must have your parameter vector as the first argument, your independent variable as the second argument, and any added parameters after that.
Try this:
Beta = nlinfit(X,Y,@(beta,X)modelfun(beta, c, X),beta0)
See the documentation on Passing Extra Parameters (link).

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