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How to open webview.html on windows 10 with MATLAB R2015b?

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That method has worked on Windows 7, but it has not worked on Windows 10. Not sure if it is a chrome issue or something in Windows 10.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks, -Mark S.


Wagner Carvalho
Wagner Carvalho on 18 Nov 2020
New webviews created with MATLAB 2019/2020 seems to work fine per the mathworks instructions. However, I also got a webview created with MATLAB 2016 that was not working both on Chrome or Internet Explorer or Edge. Not sure what is the cause of this behavior, but I managed to find a workaround by adding the "IE tab" on Chrome (Chrome extension:
Your post was long ago, but I thought it was still worth it to capture this workaround somewhere.
Mark Singleton
Mark Singleton on 19 Nov 2020
This works!
Even though it will not work using IE directly, using the "IE tab" extension in chrome does work.
I use the 'chromium embeded framework' (cef) in my .NET application to view them, but the "IE tab" in chrome is the only way Ive been able to successfully view them in any web browser.
Thank you Wagner Carvalho!
Mark Singleton
Mark Singleton on 19 Nov 2020
I believe this works because the "IE tab" defaults to an older version of IE emulation (IE7). That must be what R2015b needs.

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Accepted Answer

Mark Singleton
Mark Singleton on 19 Nov 2020
Wagner Carvalho provided the correct answer. See his comment for details.


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