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How can I identify/Detect regions in grayscale image with thin border?

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Hi All, Am working on a problem where I wish to extract regions in the image below.
Objective: - Identify every region. - Calculate the Area and related parameters.
What I have done?
  • Read image and convert to Grayscale
[MainImg, MainImg_Map] = imread('MainImg');
GrayImg = ind2gray(MainImg,MainImg_Map); #Convert to Gray
  • Detect Edges
FindEdge_Sobel = edge(GrayImg, 'sobel');
  • Create structuring element to make borders more visible
se1 = strel('line',3, 90);
se0 = strel('line',3, 0);
  • Dilate the Image objects
ImgDill = imdilate(FindEdge_Sobel ,[se1 se0]);
  • Result:
MORE QUESTIONS: > How to set foreground and Background for the image? > How I can make those border to enclose region as in Original Image?

Answers (1)

KSSV on 21 Aug 2018
Have a look on regionprops
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AMAR P on 21 Aug 2018
Edited: AMAR P on 21 Aug 2018
Hey Thanks, I tried that earlier. Below is the Output. Red *'s are Center of the object, measured using 'Centeroid'
Am trying to use couple of Morphological operations on the image. What do you think?

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