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Mux a variable number of signals without mux block

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Hello Community
I have a model that has to be modified sometimes. It is buid up of some identical subsystems which number changes during modifications. I have to collect signals from each subsystem with a mux. The way I do this until now is to manually connect every signal from a subsystem to the corresponding mux block.
I wonder whether it is possible to mux all signals automatically without the necessity to connect them all manually. what I want is something like the goto and from blocks but with the ability to connect multiple goto 's with a single from:
signal1 -->/ goto A |
\ |
++---> signal1
/-------+ +-------\ ||
signal2 -->/ goto A | | from A \______||---> signal2
\ | | / ||
\-------+ +-------/ ||---> signal3
/-------+ demux
signal3 -->/ goto A |
\ |
Maybe somone has a idea to implement this.

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Naman Chaturvedi
Naman Chaturvedi on 7 Sep 2018
I hope something like this would solve your problem.
I have used bus creator, bus selector and goto, from blocks.
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Matthias Oe
Matthias Oe on 7 Sep 2018
Hello Naman Chaturvedi,
thank you for your answer, but this isn't what I want. I have updated the picture in my question to explain my request a little bit better.

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