how to check that difference of two vectors is a multiple of ones in matlab

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A=[2 2 2 2 ] B=[3 3 3 3 ] want to check if A-B=k(ones) where k is an integer.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 Sep 2018
Check that the first entry of A-B is an integer with mod() or by comparing it to fix() of itself. Then check that diff() of A-B is all zero.

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Alexander Jensen
Alexander Jensen on 6 Sep 2018
Edited: Alexander Jensen on 6 Sep 2018
Is this what you're looking for?:
isInt = ~logical(mod(A-B,1))
isInt =
1×4 logical array
0 1 1 1
The logical(X) function returns everything that is not 0 as TRUE.
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asim nadeem
asim nadeem on 7 Sep 2018
if A= [2 6], B=[6 2] then A-B=[-4 4] so A-B is not an integer multiple of ones as if we take 4 common we get 4*[-1 1]. how can I check it for arbitrary A and B. so if it is multiple of ones then I need 0 or 1 single answer

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