imshow differences in 2018a vs older version

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So I'm migrating to 2018a, and have some problems with imshow working slightly differently. The code is essentially this:
h = figure; imshow(frameImage);
hold on;
% plot a ton of stuff ontop of the image
hold off;
% Process frame
In the older versions, I would get these beautiful figures with data superimposed on top of the image; In 2018a, I only get the image unless I hit a breakpoint, then the get my overlaid data to show up.
Is there any way to get this back?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Oct 2018
Your code outline implies that you create a new figure for each frame. Each figure() call to create a new figure should trigger an update of all existing visible figures, so you would get the frames appearing with a lag of one frame. But it would be odd to create a new figure for each frame.

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