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Can my MATLAB Compiler applications be redistributed by a third party?

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I would like to create a stand-alone application and distribute it to a third party. The intent would be to have the third party redistribute the application to additional users. Under what circumstances is this allowed? The MATLAB license doesn't appear to address this directly.
Edit: Our license model is university total headcount, and we have industry supporters who may want a packaged software deliverable for commercial redistribution to their customers. Are there restrictions for this particular situation?
I assume it would be acceptable to have the industry partner purchase a commercial MATLAB license and have them compile our open-source code for redistribution. Is this correct?
Kevin Chng
Kevin Chng on 1 Nov 2018
Edited: Kevin Chng on 1 Nov 2018
MATLAB Compiler generate a executable file.
Anyone with MATLAB runtime can execute/run the file. There is no restriction how you pass your compiled executable file.
Guillaume on 5 Nov 2018
Edited: Guillaume on 5 Nov 2018
Since you're using an academic license, I would think that you would not be allowed to share your application with industrial partners. For that, you'd need a commercial license.
However, for questions like this you really should contact Mathworks directly for the official word.

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Answers (1)

Matt J
Matt J on 1 Nov 2018
Anyone with MATLAB runtime can execute/run the file. There is no restriction how you pass your compiled executable file.
And the Matlab Compiler Runtime for different platforms/versions are freely downloadable from here.
Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 5 Nov 2018
I would say there is a restriction in a way you would use the university license of MATLAB Compiler SDK and then the executable is used commercially downstream.
William Warriner
William Warriner on 5 Nov 2018
Thank you Andreas, that addresses my concern. It isn't an issue yet, as we are still in the research stage, but we will need to address this issue in proposals where our partners want software deliverables. I will edit the question to include the relevant information for clarity.

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