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Updating Signal from Workspace block using GUI

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I am using GUI platform along with Simulink to perform listening tests. I am using the "Signal from Workspace" block from DSP Toolbox to import synthetic impulse responses (SIR) and convolve them with an input audio. The idea is to test the perception change of audio, when the SIR is changed. I know this could be done with set_param function, but I am not able to figure out the parameter name. For instance, my first thought was:
set_param('Listening_Test/Signal from Workspace','Signal', SIR(:,1))
But then MATLAB throws the error:
Signal From Workspace block (mask) does not have a parameter named 'Signal'
I am aware that for many blocks, the parameter names shown inside the block are not the same as what one should give when using set_param function. For instance, for changing audio files in the "From Multimedia" block, although the parameter given in the block is "File name", when using set_param, to change the file name, the parameter name is "inputFilename".
Does anyone know the name of the parameter to use in set_param for the block "Signal from Workspace", and in addition, is there a link to see what are the parameter names to be used in set_param function for different Simulink blocks??
Thank you!!! :-)

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