File Exchange: Package as App? Package as Toolbox? Enable checkbox "Package as Toolbox"? Include .mltbx and .mlappinstall in zip...?

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I have large difficulties to understand how to supply my app to Matlab File Exchange. My aim is to enable all users to install my GUI tool as easily as possible. People with old Matlab releases (that do not support apps or custom toolboxes) should not be excluded.
My GUI tool is already available on Matlab file exchange for quite a while. However, I was never sure if I do it correctly:
Currently, I create a mlappinstall file in Matlab, then I zip all files in my PIVlab directory (including the mlappinstall), upload it to File Exchange and tick the box "Package as toolbox" on the website. Is that the correct procedure..? I have the impression that this makes the zip archive quite large as there are duplicates of all files in the *.mlappinstall.
Should I also build a toolbox and include it in the zip archive...?
There is always the message "We are having difficulty building your toolbox. Please contact us to help us resolve the problem." displayed on the FileExchange website, so I guess I am doing something wrong...
Any hints would be very welcome, thanks!

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