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Identifying the component in biplot

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Guilherme  Lopes de Campos
Hello MATLAB community,
I am using the Factor Analysis in MATLAB, I would to identifying the each variable in biplot of lambda and factor, like that:
%Example help MATLAB Factor Analysis
X = [Acceleration Displacement Horsepower MPG Weight];
X = X(all(~isnan(X),2),:);
[Lambda,Psi,T,stats,F] = factoran(X,2,'scores','regression');
inv(T'*T); % Estimated correlation matrix of F, == eye(2)
Lambda*Lambda' + diag(Psi); % Estimated correlation matrix
Lambda*inv(T); % Unrotate the loadings
I would to identifying each circle with the name of variable in the biplot,
How I can made this?
Thank you,
Guilherme Lopes


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