Is this code is good for audio frequency response in mili seconds?

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t=0:0.001:2; % 2 secs @ 1kHz sample rate x=chirp(t,0,1,150); % Start @ DC, cross 150Hz at t=1sec F = 0:.1:100; [y,f,t,p] = spectrogram(x,256,250,F,1E3,'yaxis'); % NOTE: This is the same as calling SPECTROGRAM with no outputs. surf(t,f,10*log10(abs(p)),'EdgeColor','none'); axis xy; axis tight; colormap(jet); view(0,90); xlabel('Time'); ylabel('Frequency (Hz)'); [y,fs]=audioread('Mithe Mustafa Tey 5sec.mp3'); NW = round(fs*0.250); [S,F,T,P] = spectrogram(y(1:,NW,[],[],fs); subplot (2,1,1),pcolor(T,F,log10(p)), shading flat, caxis([-6 0] +max(caxis)) colorbar subplot (2,1,2) semilogy(F,P(:,23)) titlw(sprintf('PSD at time: %f',T(23))) xlabel ('Frequency(HZ)')
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Jan on 4 Apr 2019
Please format your code properly, such that it is readable. Don't you see that it cannot be understood in this messy format and that otehr questions contain nicely formatted code?

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