My textbook gave me code that has an error I don't know how to fix

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if flag==1 && alt>=30000
fprintf('Normal operation at %0.0f feet.\n',alt)
elseif flag==0 || alt==0
fprintf('On Ground')
elseif flag==2 && alt < 30000
fprintf('Currently at %0.0f feet and climbing\n',alt)
elseif flag==3
fprintf('Currently at %0.0f feet and descending\n',alt)
fprintf('Status transitional')
Please here is the code!
This is the error I'm getting
Operands to the || and && operators must be convertible
to logical scalar values.
Error in Homework4q5 (line 3)
if flag==1 && alt>=30000

Accepted Answer

Catalytic on 27 Mar 2019
Edited: Catalytic on 27 Mar 2019
alt and flag must be scalars.
Emma C
Emma C on 27 Mar 2019
Thank you I realized what I was doing wrong, I had the flag and alt values after the code. Its been a long day

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