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Deep Learning Toolbox - fullyConnectedLayer output dimension

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George Tsintsadze
George Tsintsadze on 19 Apr 2019
I am new to the Deep Learning Toolbox and I am trying to create a custom layer.
This layer of mine is supposed to come after a fully connected layer but I seem to misunderstand the expected output dimension of such layer.
As I thought, if I create a fullyConnectedLayer with output dimension of, say, 3:
The output should be a vector of size [3 1] (or more accuratley, a cell with this vector in first position).
To clarify my problem lets consider a simple network. My train data is trainX (of size [1000 12], 1000 observations of 12-element vectors) and train "tags" are trainS (of size [1000 6], 1000 observations of 6-element vectors). The test data is dataX and tags are dataS (same dimensions as the train data).
The network is defined as follows:
%% Prepare Data
validationX = trainX(1:floor(VALIDATION_PERCENT * length(trainX)), :);
validationS = trainS(1:floor(VALIDATION_PERCENT * length(trainS)), :);
trainX = trainX(floor(VALIDATION_PERCENT * length(trainX))+1:end, :);
trainS = trainS(floor(VALIDATION_PERCENT * length(trainS))+1:end, :);
%% Define Network
layers = [ ...
options = trainingOptions('sgdm', ...
'ValidationData', {num2cell(validationX', 1), validationS});
%% Train Network
[trainedNet, traininfo] = trainNetwork(num2cell(trainX', 1), trainS, layers, options);
Were myLayer is a custom layer that does nothing but printing the dimension of its input:
classdef myLayer < nnet.layer.Layer
function varargout = predict(~, varargin)
varargout = varargin;
function dLdX = backward(~, ~, ~, dLdZ, ~)
dLdX = dLdZ;
The Command Window, as I ran the script above, shows:
3 3
3 1
3 1
3 3
3 5
And right after that I get the following error (mainNetwork is the name of the neural network script):
Error using trainNetwork (line 150)
Invalid training data. If all recurrent layers have output mode 'sequence', then regression
responses must be a cell array of numeric sequences, or a single numeric sequence.
Error in mainNetwork (line 22)
[trainedNet, traininfo] = trainNetwork(num2cell(trainX', 1), trainS, layers, options);
From this, three questions arise:
  1. Why does the output of the fullyConnectedLayer is not exclusivley of size [3 1]?
  2. Why does the output of the fullyConnectedLayer changes its size each iteration?
  3. What does the error mean, any why?
Thank you for reading and for your answer!

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