How to delete a pushbutton with a given 'String' from a .fig file

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I am making a GUI. There is one problem .
I have a pushbutton with 'string' of 'Calculate'. A copy of this pushbutton ( with 'string' of 'Calculate') appears when I run the .fig file undesired.
But I cannot see this unwanted pushbutton in the .fig file, so I am unable to delete it.
How to delete the this unwanted pushbutton ???
Plz help.
Pankaj Jha
Pankaj Jha on 20 Apr 2019
Dear Geoff Hayes ...
Thanks for ur reply.
PFA the attached files.
Once you run the .fig file, you will see the unwanted pushbutton on the top right hand edge of the gui.

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Accepted Answer

Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 20 Apr 2019
Pankaj - yes, I see that button. I also see, in your m file, lots of pushbutton callback function that have no bodies which seems to suggest that your GUI has had a number of pushbuttons that were added and deleted. In this case, pushbutton28 seems to be linked to that unwanted callback (I put a break point in all pushbutton callbacks and this one is caught when pressing the calculate button).
If, in the GUIDE GUI editor, right-click on your open figure and select the Object Browser from the pop-up menu. Look in this list for pushbutton28 (it is near the buttom, in uipanel23). Try selecting it (from the browser) and you should see it appear in the panel (or at least you might see part of the button appear. Delete it, save, and then re-launch your GUI.
Note that I had problems saving the GUI when I deleted the button. Perhaps that is just because of my version of MATLAB (R2041a).

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