MATLAB command window on High DPI screens

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Andrew Glick
Andrew Glick on 26 Apr 2019
Commented: Andrew Glick on 29 Apr 2019
I'm trying to use the MATLAB command window on windows because sometimes I just want to run a few calculations without having to wait forever for MATLAB to start up. I found I can launch the command window from the Windows command line using:
matlab -nodisplay -nojvm -nosplash
However, because I have a high resolution / DPI screen, the letters in the command window are really hard to read. Is there a way to launch the command window with high DPI settings, scaled or just run MATLAB commands from the windows command line (like Python)?
Alternatively, if there's a better way to run a light-weight version of MATLAB that can do basic matrix operations and doesn't take forever to start, please let me know!
I'm using MATLAB R2018b Academic if that matters.
Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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Rik on 26 Apr 2019
I believe there are settings you can modify to make the font bigger in the command prompt. I'll have a look around for a link.
Also, Matlab 6.5 is what you're looking for if you want lighting fast. Not all windows machines actually support it, and getting a license might be a problem, but it is extremely fast in starting up.

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Accepted Answer

Rik on 26 Apr 2019
  1. right-click on the title bar of your command window (you can open a fresh one by using windows+R and entering cmd)
  2. go to properties
  3. go to the font tab
  4. select the size you like
  5. profit
Andrew Glick
Andrew Glick on 29 Apr 2019
Thanks! I'll look into those options.

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