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Trying to create a callback function on App Designer.

Asked by Burak Akin on 2 May 2019
I can be considered as newbie for Matlab and am trying to create an application that calculates the nominal interest rate "i".
i = N*((T/P)^(1/(N*Y))) - N where
i = nominal interest rate
P = initial investment
T = future value
N = number of compounding periods per year
Y = number of years
The basic look of my application as following:
I want this application to execute the function that I gave above when you click the calculate button. In order to to that, I right click the calculate button and after that click callback then add the function up there. However, I do not know how to display it on the bottom field and I get an error when I click the calculate button as following, you can also see my callback function there: app_error.JPG
As a result, what is my mistake and what should I do to create this callback function properly and display its result on the "i" field?
Appreciated for your help.


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