How can you define the units of a multibody PS Constant Block?

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Robert King
Robert King on 6 May 2019
Answered: Steve Miller on 22 Oct 2021
How can you define the units of a Simscape Multibody PS Constant Block?
I have dug through the documentation, and there doesn't seem to be an option.
I am building up the aerodynamics of a rotorblade section in multibody in order to feed that signal to an External Force/Moment Block. I am using velocities that are outputs of a Transform Sensor block. More specifically, when placing a gain in a PS signal, it seems to change the unit characteristics. Also, I need to compute the flowing equation in PS signal flow. If rho is obtained from a constant block, how do I define its units as slug/ft^3?
There seems to be no units option in the PS Constant block. I could create the density with a Simulink constant and convert it using a Simulink-PS converter and define the units, but the Mathworks POCs that I spoke to told me to minimize the use of Simulink because I had experienced other problems with my highly hybrid Simscape/Simulink model in the past. They asked me to rebuild it all as a Simscape PS workflow.
Having PS Display blocks, PS Scopes, right clicking a PS signal to see signal Properties that include units, and a SELECTABLE PS Units Conversion block would make Multibody a far more useful tool for the Aerospace community.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 22 Oct 2021
Starting with release R2019a, it is possible to specify units on all physical signal blocks, and unit conversions are handled automatically on these blocks. The units can also be inherited from Simulink signal inputs.




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