How to pass inputs to simulink for nested structures with array of structures

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CHV on 20 May 2019
Commented: Murugan C on 21 May 2019
I need to test the simulink model in Matlab 2016b which is having the structure type as below. I have already created the bus in the simulink for that structure.
Now I need to know how to create the inputs and pass to simulink block ?
a = struct ('b',1,'c',2,'d',struct('f',{3,4,5},'g',{6,7,8},'h',{struct('i',{9,10,11},'j',{12,13,14}),struct('i',{15,16,17},'j',{18,19,20})}))

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Murugan C
Murugan C on 20 May 2019
You should create structure as like below.
a = struct ('b',1,'c',2,'d',struct('f',{3,4,5},'g',{6,7,8},'h', ...
{struct('i',{9,10,11},'j',{12,13,14}),struct('i',{15,16,17},'j',{18,19,20}), ...
if you want to acess "h" from the above structure. we have to use as like. "a.d(1).h". Because "h" has three rows. the output would be.
Murugan C
Murugan C on 21 May 2019
We have to create a structure with time series and signals. Then only we can this structure as input to the "From Workspace" simulink block.
For ex1.
% create struct with time series.
A.time = 0:10;
A.time = A.time';
A.signals.values = 1:11;
A.signals.values = A.signals.values';
A.signals.dimenstions = 1;
For ex2.
We can use a "constant" block also from simulink.
% create struct with using parameter.
Input1 = Simulink.Parameter;
Input1.Value = 1;
Input1.DataType = 'uint8';
Input1.Min = 0;
Input1.Max = 250;
Input1.RTWInfo.StorageClass = 'Custom';
Input1.RTWInfo.CustomStorageClass = 'Define';
As per my understanding, we can't use a structure what you have given.
a = struct ('b',1,'c',2,'d',struct('f',{3,4,5},'g',{6,7,8},'h', ...
{struct('i',{9,10,11},'j',{12,13,14}),struct('i',{15,16,17},'j',{18,19,20}), ...
If I am worng, Please correct me.
Thanks in Advance !!!

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