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How to Re-position DataCursormode 'Window'

Asked by Kevin Phung on 23 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Kevin Phung on 29 May 2019
So Matlab figures have a datacursormode that either show up as a datatip or a window. I would like to make use of the window but unfortunately every time I turn it on it appears on the bottom right of the figure. Currently I am using a custom UpdateFcn for the datacursormode, and cannot figure out a way to program the window to pop up in a specific position on my figure -- I am wondering if this is possible.


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Answer by Karun Mathiazhagan on 26 May 2019
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Hello Kevin,
You could use the "findall" function with the name-value pair 'Tag', 'DataCursorMode:FigurePanel' to obtain the handle to the Data Cursor window. Following this, you could use the property "Position" of the obtained handle to set the desired position.
I hope this helps.

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Karun, this is perfect! Thank you! I have an additional question regarding this is:
So I am able to set the position of the data cursor once the user selects a data point, as it triggers the UpdateFcn. However, is there a way to set the position upon clicking the 'datacursormode' icon? Because when it is first clicked, it is set to its default position on the bottom right.

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