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Is there any way to get rid of the all files are up to date message from matlab drive?

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Eric Eschner
Eric Eschner on 17 Jun 2019
Edited: Conor Burgess on 18 Jun 2019
I am using Matlab drive, but I am thinking about quitting using it because there is a really annoying feature. Every time I change something within the code, Matlab will save the file. In this moment Matlab drive saves the changes to the cloud and informs me that a file has been updated. This information is really annoying and kills any concentration. Is there any way to avoid this message? FYI: The setting within Matlab drive "Show Notifications" doesn't help or change anything.
Bestr regards
Eric Eschner
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Conor Burgess
Conor Burgess on 18 Jun 2019
Hi Eric,
So just to clarify, are you being distracted by pop-up notifications from MATLAB Drive Connector despite changuing the setting under the "MATLAB Drive" tab of the preferences window in MATLAB Drive Connector? That's obviously not the intended behaviour of that setting, so we'd want to get that fixed for you!

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