Figure toolbar disappears when selecting 3-D rotate

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The following code produces a figure without the standard toolbar, but leaving the new "axes" toolbar with the zoom, rotate, datatip and brush tools.
hfig = figure();
[x,y,z] = peaks(25);
This works perfectly fine with most tools, except "Rotate 3-D". When I select "Rotate 3-D" the toolbar disappears and there's no way (at least, that I found) to disable the Rotate3D tool and bring back the toolbar.
What's even more "funny" is that you don't even need that tool, as dragging inside the axes will already perform a 3d rotation without triggering the problem.
Why this happens? Is there a way to prevent the toolbar from disappearing? And if there is not, there is a way to disable the "Rotate 3D" tool, leaving the others?

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