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How do I store output from evalrasmolscript as workspace variables?

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Soren Preus
Soren Preus on 6 Sep 2012
I have a script that loads a pdb molecule file into molviewer and I would like to import information obtained using the evalrasmolscript function into the MATLAB Workspace. Is this possible, and how?
For example, I want to import the (x,y,z) coordinates of an atom selected in molviewer:
% Load pdb from online database (takes a few seconds)
h = molviewer('4INS');
% Set selection mode in viewer to single atoms:
evalrasmolscript(h,'select none; set picking SELECT ATOM; selectionHalos ON')
% Wait while a selection is made
% Print x, y, and z coordinates of selected atom:
evalrasmolscript(h,'print {selected}.atomX; print {selected}.atomY; print {selected}.atomZ')
This prints the desired information of the selected atom (i.e. x, y and z coordinates) to the jmol script console and the MATLAB command window. However, I want to store the information directly in a workspace variable xyz = [x y z]. Is that somehow possible?
Dean Strotz
Dean Strotz on 22 Dec 2012
Did you find a proper solution by now?
Maybe there is a way to get the required variables directly ? I have been trying to find out if I could retrieve and assign to a variable through appdata or findobj etc. No success so far.

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