How do you change the background to white in your colorbar?

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I am trying to make movies of electron densities, so I have a colorbar for each frame. However, since my values go from 0 to -9 and I am using "Jet," my background is dark red. How can I turn it to white without manually going in and doing it for every slide?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 10 Sep 2012
Figure out which row is dark red. Then set that row = [1 1 1].
myColorMap = jet(256);
Let's say that your background is say, oh, around -4.5 and the row for that in myColorMap is, say, 128. Then you verify that by looking at the row 128 and see that it is [.5 0 0] which is indeed a dark red. So then you'd just say
myColorMap(128, :) = [1 1 1]; % Set row 128 to white.
% Then apply the colormap

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