Does matlab support fullscreen?

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Pankaj on 5 Sep 2019
Answered: Mahesh Taparia on 16 Sep 2019
'F11' is usually a shortcut for fullscreening in most of the softwares, like Chrome, Spyder, etc. However, search for fullscrineeing of Matlab only results to fullscreen of figures and plots. So I am wondering, whether Matlab even suppot fullscreening? If yes, then how to do it?

Accepted Answer

Mahesh Taparia
Mahesh Taparia on 16 Sep 2019
Hi Pankaj,
You cannot use F11 in MATLAB to make it full screen.
To use MATLAB editor in full screen, right click on the file name which is at the top of editor window and select undock Filename. To remove the visibility of toolbar, right click on toolbar and select minimize toolscript.
Moreover, you can change the size of command window/ editor window by dragging their border to required size.

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