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How get corner of triangle?

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Cahaya on 16 Sep 2012
May i get the corner of triangle if i use regionprops functions? and if it possible, which property from regionprops that i can use? is that any sample code?
i wanna learn more..

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Sep 2012
I don't think regionprops would help. regionprops() measures regions. It might be able to find triangle-shaped regions for you, but as far as taking a single triangle and finding which pixels are at the corner, it can't do that. What about using the corner() function? Have you tried that? Or look at bwboundaries() and try to identify sharp turns.
And, of course, posting an image never hurts. In fact, it's usually mandatory.
Cahaya on 24 Sep 2012
to IA's : i've tried corner function. in under subtittle spatial feature detection, there a harris.m ( ) using derivative5.m and gaussfilt.m. Can u help me, in file harris.m i want to plot a corner point to the image. what i must added in code?

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