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understanding about idea in a Matlab Graphics blog

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Yu Li
Yu Li on 2 Oct 2019
Closed: Yu Li on 2 Mar 2021
I'm able to understand the detail process until a post here:
Here's where things get a little messy. Each row of out_vert contains one 0 and two 1's. We want to draw a line between the edges of the triangles which connect the vertex with the 0 with each of the two vertices with a 1.
and the solution is command shown below:
ntri = size(out_vert,1);
overt = zeros(ntri,3);
for i=1:ntri
v1i = find(~out_vert(i,:));
v2i = 1 + mod(v1i,3);
v3i = 1 + mod(v1i+1,3);
overt(i,:) = crossing_tris(i,[v1i v2i v3i]);
I'm confused about the idea and command, so it is hard for me to move forward.
could anyone give me some explannations about it?

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