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Which view should I use with vis3d?

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Jonathan on 18 Sep 2012
I plot 3D data, then make a movie where each frame is the same plot at different views. It is important for (i) the axes proportions to be the same on every frame, and (ii) the entire axes to be visible on every frame.
To accomplish (i), I use 'axis vis3d'. To sort-of accomplish (ii), I use 'view([45 30])' before calling 'axis vis3d'. This works in most cases, but not all. In other words, after doing the above there are some plots for which at least one pair (az, el) obscures part of the axes after calling 'view([az el])'. The obscured part of the axes is outside the bounds of the figure.
I would like to have the largest axes that is fully visible from all views after a call to 'axis vis3d'. Any ideas?
Thanks, Jonathan

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