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Error using deval ... Attempting to evaluate the solution outside the interval ... where it is defined.

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Giulia Ulpiani
Giulia Ulpiani on 24 Oct 2019
Dear community,
I am using the PDE toolbox for thermal modelling. My model is composed by seven calls to the function developing the thermal model and should run for a number of cycles. When I run it for the first time I get good results, but when it enters the second loop, it solves the first call to the function, but at the second call, it prompts this error:
"Error using deval (line 132)
Attempting to evaluate the solution outside the interval [2.136200e+00, 2.136201e+00] where it is defined."
The tlist in the thermal model is defined as tlist=linspace(t0,t0+duration,nsteps); where nsteps is the duration divided by the time step.
t0 is 2.1362
duration is 0.0444
time step is 1e-4
Could you please help me sort this out?
Many thanks,

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