boxplot at uneven spacing

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Pankaj on 9 Nov 2019
Answered: Akshay K A on 12 Nov 2019
Just consider the following example, which I have taken from here.
rng('default') % For reproducibility
x1 = rand(5,1);
x2 = rand(10,1);
x3 = rand(15,1);
x = [x1; x2; x3];
g1 = repmat({'First'},5,1);
g2 = repmat({'Second'},10,1);
g3 = repmat({'Third'},15,1);
g = [g1; g2; g3];
% Create the box plots.
The above will boxplot at equal intervals, for which I can chang the xticks. What I want is to boxplot at uneven abscissa values, lets say at abscissa = [1.1, 2.5, 4.6]

Accepted Answer

Akshay K A
Akshay K A on 12 Nov 2019
Hi Pankaj,
Refer to Plot Appearance section in the Box Plot documentation link below:
'Positions' Name-Value Pair can be used to specify the abscissa vector.

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