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Multiple if loops with warning message variable appears to change size with every iteration

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Mau Dudas
Mau Dudas on 18 Nov 2019
I am aware this might not be the only problem with the code but I honestly can't think of anything else.
Other than the fact that it keeps saying the matrix for the index is not compatible...
So if anyone can help in time I will be eternally greatful
function mymodel(x1,x2)
for i =[x1,x2]
if (x1>0 && x2>0)
elseif (x1>0||x2>0)
mymodel(i)= 2.*(x1\x2)
if (x1<0 && x2<0)
mymodel(i)= (x2\x1)
else mymodel(i) = 0
Obviously it needs to compute a different variable for each iteration.
It does not seem to want to compute negative numbers at all. Which I would need.
Helps pls!

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